Arts & Culture

The rich art and culture of Thanjavur reflects the traditional legacy and ancestral heritage of the ancient times that ahs percolated to the modern era. The unique Tanjore art comprises of the classical Carnatic music, the exquisite paintings, cultural events, religious festivals and exotic cuisines. The Carnatic music of Thanjavur represents the rich musical ancestry of the bygone era. The musical instruments of Veenai and Thavil casts a magical spell on the audience by the enchanting melodies. The culturally enriched local indigenous inhabitants of the place have a strong base in classical music.


The beautiful paintings of Thanjavur portray the rich artistic skill and creative imagination of the artists of the place. The painters draw inspiration from the mythological themes of the Hindu religion. The brilliant color composition coupled with the fine sketches imparts an attractive look to the exclusive paintings of Thanjavur.


The festivals of Thanjavur are celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious vigor. The Natyanjali Dance Festival and the Carnatic Classical Musical Festival are some of the notable festivals of Thanjavur that reflect the unique cultural traditions of the place. The Natayanjali Dance Festival is organized every year in Chidambaram area of Thanjavur which is dedicated to Lord Natraj. The Carnatic Classical Musical Festival is celebrated at Thiruvaiyaru region. The exotic food of Thanjavur comprises of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines as well. The authentic food of Thanjavur includes rasam, rice, sea food, dosa, idly, uttapam and vada.


Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu bears relics to the unique cultural ancestry that has penetrated the modern society. Unaltered and unaffected by modern day civilization, the art and craft of Thanjavur has an internationally acclaimed status.